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Yoga Studio Offerings


All yoga classes currently held at Svasti Yoga in South Minneapolis

Self Care Yoga

Self Care Sessions: Morning Edition

                Finding time in the morning for yourself can be difficult, but it’s critical in order to be present and balanced throughout the day. We will gather for a quiet morning session of journaling, vibrational healing, gentle yoga and meditation to get your mind, body, + spirit ready for the day and keep you centered on how you want to feel. Excellent for beginners, but beneficial for all levels. Please bring a journal and a pen.

60 minutes. Drop-in $10 

Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:30am

Self Care Sessions: Guided Meditation for better sleep

                Having trouble getting a good nights’ sleep? Feeling anxious, restless, or stressed out? We will gather for a short gentle yoga sequence aimed at beginners (but beneficial for all levels), followed by a long guided meditation while you rest on your mat and allow your body and mind to relax. You’re encouraged to come in comfortable clothes and ready to relax.

60 minutes. Drop-in $10 Pay

Monday evenings at 8:30pm


Would you like some private instruction for a yoga practice tailored just for you?

Do you have a group of friends who would like to get together and do yoga classes or guided meditations?

Would you like to be able to have a yoga practice at home but don’t know where to start?

Email me for inquiries