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Workshops with Lara

 Sunday, September 25, 2016


In Carpinteria, CA (near Santa Barbara)

8am – noon

Goddesses will gather on the beach for a one of a kind, indulgent, self-loving morning on the beach.

There will be:

♥  Gentle chakra balancing yoga session, color breathing, and calming meditation. Please note: this is GENTLE yoga and designed for beginners of all shapes and sizes (although beneficial for all levels). Even if you’ve never done yoga before, or maybe you’re even a bit terrified of it, please know there are no rights or wrongs and this will be very gentle, I promise. Remember, this is a SELF-LOVING morning.

♥  Body paint with ocean water infused with crystals.

♥  Design your own personal mandala, which you’ll be able to paint with watercolors using crystal infused ocean water.

♥  Pamper yourself with some quiet time by the ocean to journal and document living in the moment on the beach (photo walk also an option).

♥ Indulge in Lara’s special flower desserts and floral champagne elixirs (non-alcoholic option as well) on the beach.

Feel free to stay later and enjoy the ocean.

In addition to the Flower, Gem and Color Vibrational Elixirs by Flora Corona I normally use in my practice with clients (and myself), we will be using these very special Sea Essences!

For love, joy and awakening, this essence simulates the experience of swimming with wild dolphins in the turquoise seas of Hawaii. It opens all of your meridians to experience radical well being that is child-like in its direct simplicity.

Awakening holistic awareness and manifestation. Like two sides of a coin, Dolphin Sea Essence opens the whole meridian system while Whale Sea Essence connects this opening to whole brain processing. The connection between the two gives access to the planetary mind.

(Here’s a little info on how these are made by Flora Corona)

Registration is closed

Thursday, October 27, 2016

No paint night in November

Ladies’ Collaborative Paint Nights CONTINUE!

Save My Seat Now

This is not the typical paint-by-number type painting nights. Lara will guide you through a short meditation to center you in the moment and to open your creativity, and then we will begin with passing the canvases and working collaboratively with limited guidance! After that there will be plenty of time to get your hands dirty, drink some wine, eat some chocolate and giggle with the other ladies and receive any private guidance for Lara and Gina.

We want it to be fun, relaxing, collaborative and enjoyable for everyone! After all, this is also a form of Self Care!

I’m SUPER excited to let you all know that we will be partnering with courageous heARTs, a donation-based art studio for youth in South Minneapolis. We will be gathering at courageous heARTs and donating a part of the proceeds to this amazing non-profit.

courageous heARTs is located at 4164 Cedar Ave South, Minneapolis.

ALL SUPPLIES PROVIDED and you will take home your piece at the end of the night. Maybe it will be finished, or maybe you’ll be called to work on it more at home!

Feel free to email with any questions.

Please register ahead of time so we know how many people to plan for. Thank you!

Friday, September 30, 2016

NEW Moon Gathering – For My Goddesses



“Something inside her was made of moon flowers”
-Rune Lazuli

I’ve started gathering a sacred group of goddesses at my home on the new moon and the full moons to set mindful intentions powered by the moon and other women to help you feel how you WANT and DESERVE to feel in your life.

We will create sacred space for each other to share their thoughts/feelings/dreams which will include an altar space so please bring something significant to you for the evening to place on the altar (you can take it home at the end of the night).

There will be crystals, flower/gem/color essences, sisterhood, and whatever else the night may bring.

It’s free, but please let me know if you’ll be able to make it and if you’ll be bringing anyone so I can plan accordingly. Depending on the weather we may meet inside or outside in the back yard. I would like this to remain informal, so feel free to come in your pjs and kids are welcome. I have three kids of my own so I totally get it!

Since I’d rather not post my home address here, please  email me  for my address.

June 25, 2016

Replenish with Mati Rose and Lara Cornell

in Minneapolis, Minnesota