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Moon Sessions

Full Moon Session

Is life running you instead of you running your life? Are you living the life you’ve dreamed for yourself or just going through the motions day after day?

Your life is a reflection of YOU are if you’re not living your life with intention as your best self, you’re not living your life to its fullest.

If you’re like most women, you’re busy being “everything to everyone”…everyone but yourself. Self care is extremely important to your physical, mental and spiritual health.

This Moon Session guides you in being the best YOU you can be. We will delve into honoring the darkness with gratitude, releasing what is no longer serving you, and manifesting a life of abundance in all areas of your life. To be your best self, it’s important to look within. I’m here to help.

Begin the New Year with a new perspective, a new energy and a new sense of self. The peace and clarity that comes from self care is indescribable. Living with intent from your heart center can bring an abundance of purpose and meaning… it can change your life.

Full Moons are ideal for releasing and clearing blockages which might be keeping you from manifesting your abundance.

We will work together for TWO WEEKS starting on the Full Moon on December 13th. There will be a collective of women gathering from around the world bringing all their lovely energy into this session.

We will begin with a Full Moon ritual sent to your inbox for you to complete within 2 days of the Full Moon. The ritual will be a mix of meditation, journaling, introspection, and releasing. During this time, I will also do an individualized distance reiki energy session for you to assist in clearing your energy centers and allowing divine grace to flow in. I will also do an oracle card draw specifically for you and will send you an email letting you know what came up in the session and with the card. (The energy session and oracle card already values at $80 for my clients!).

The following two weeks will be a mix of simple yoga poses, meditations, journaling prompts, ayurveda, and more! I’ll be mixing all of my wellness and art modalities to make this a unique experience with a wealth of information on how to clear blockages, take care of yourself, and bring your dreams into the light of the full moon. Emails will be sent directly to your inbox daily.

I’m also making myself available to each of you via email the entire two weeks so you can reach out with any questions, assistance, or guidance.

To go even deeper, there is an option of adding a Flower Essence Consultation to be done via skype or phone during your two weeks as well which will include a bottle of your own personal blend of essences (a one month dosage). This consult is priced at a discounted rate when purchased along side the Full Moon Session (see the drop down menu at the bottom of the page)

This session is for you if you’re READY to make a change, READY to start living with more intention, READY to do the work to bring you back to your heart center, READY to lean into how you want to feel.

This is not for you if you don’t think your ready to move forward, and not ready to do the work.

If you’re READY to say YES!, then let’s get to work!

Session is FULL

What my clients have said about working with me:

The reiki sessions went very well! I am feeling more ease and flow over all in my life so far. For my art making I’m noticing I can create more freely and I’m not judging really what I’m creating now and it’s feeling more natural when I do sit down to draw and paint. I’m also surprised by how spot-on the oracle cards were you pulled for me!” – Jenna – North Dakota

Before my Reiki sessions, I had spent a couple months being stuck in a negative place. During our sessions I felt like the stuck energy was moving. After our three sessions I experienced emotional release and then felt lighter. The oracle cards you pulled for me felt very relevant to what I was going through. The first one you pulled brought me to tears. It was exactly what I needed at that time and I felt a direct connection in that moment that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Lara is a gifted distance Reiki healer.” – Colleen Gaynor – Pennsylvania

Before working with Lara I was doubting the value of my gifts and feeling a bit stuck in terms of moving forward and sharing them. After beginning our sessions, I began to openly acknowledge my complacency instead of ignoring it; I became more gentle with myself and acknowledged that it was OK to take baby steps. By the end of our sessions, my passion and confidence had returned, and I felt more than ready to begin a project dear to my heart. Because I also practice Reiki and know the many benefits of this beautiful healing modality, I can wholeheartedly recommend that you schedule a session in order to experience Lara’s powerful yet gentle energy. She provided a lovely structure in terms of receiving the Reiki energy; I was given a beautiful customized mantra, oracle cards she had chosen for me, and a special crystal, all of which added such richness to the experience. I felt her love, light and caring despite the miles between us! – Carroll – Illinois