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Flower Facials


Flower Facials

using an Ayurvdic Kansa Wand



The Kansa Wand is made of very high quality, pure copper, tin and zinc. This ancient blend of metals is known in Ayurveda as “healing metal”. This tool has been used for centuries to revitalize tired faces and provide a gentle lift and light back to the face. It also has the added benefit of relieving stressed shoulders and aching necks. This session includes a mild orange blossom water and rose ubtan exfoliation to remove dirt, marma massage around the head/face/neck, a facial massage with the kansa wand using jojoba oil infused with aromatherapy and flower essences created for all doshas.

45 minutes – $50  Book Now

Not only is the Kansa wand like a miracle facelift, it also works miracles on your aura. Check out this video!