Mind, Body, + Spirit Alchemy. The Art of Living a Heart-Centered Life


About Me


Listening to the whispers, following my heart,

and loving life as an artist and alchemist.

Just a couple short years ago, I was stuck. I’m sure you know what I mean. The: get up -go to work -go home -eat dinner -go to bed -rinse and repeat. I had three small children and a husband who were (and still are) the thump in my heart. But the dredge of the daily lack-luster routine and the negative energies I was surrounding myself with were dragging me down and in conjunction was dragging my family down. I couldn’t take it any more.

I started searching for an outlet. I’ve always wanted to learn to paint. I had visions for YEARS of having a small art space at home where I would paint with the window open and the birds singing. The only trouble was, I didn’t know how to paint much less how to get around in the “fine art” supply stores. One day, unexpectedly, I came across The Brave Girls Club who was offering an art course online for beginners. YES! I could do this from home and my kids could join in. I knew it was going to be a great way to escape and learn something new. I didn’t know I was kicking the door wide open which would lead me to an entirely different new life AND even having my art shown at the Louvre in Paris!!!

I started seeking out other artists whom I resonated with and began taking more online classes, and I started to learn slowly to listen to those whispers. I mean, ever since I was a child I wanted to be a finger-painting artist. After all this time, I discovered that I WAS an artist! What else did those whispers already know about me? Maybe I should lean in a bit more?

The next step was starting a running routine. I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but diagnosed with exercise induced asthma as a young child I never HAD to run and therefore never learned any technique to running. Every time I thought I’d take up running, I’d run a block and nearly keel over from hyperventilating. So, I went to my doctor and got an inhaler and found the C25K program which changed my life. That year I ran 3 5ks and a 10k with my husband and sister by my side! Now I’m working on replacing my inhaler with flower essences and aromatherapy techniques. Yup, constantly learning.

Now what? Over the past 15 years or so I had been drawn to yoga. There was a little voice that would whisper “you should do yoga”. But that meant putting on tight clothes and going to a gym and participating in a class where I knew no one AND had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t up for that. But now I had already done what I thought was impossible by learning to run. A yoga class can’t be that scary, right? Just to be sure, I brought along a friend of mine who had a bit more knowledge than I and turns out, I LOVED IT! But I also discovered, it wasn’t the asana that I was particularly drawn to, it was the spiritual practice itself. I kicked around the idea of doing yoga teacher training, but was crazy terrified of sitting in a group of already yogis teaching each other. SCARY! Then one day, I stumbled upon a local yoga studio. Very near my house. Amazing how those things just started falling in my lap, right? It was a PERFECT fit. I loved the teacher, I had one classmate, and it was flexible enough to fit around my full-time job and my family. A year later, I’m teaching yoga classes that I LOVE and have found a true calling.

I learned to listen to my heart before making a decision. “Is that what I really want?”. Sometimes the answer was no, a lot of times it was yes. If it was no, then I thanked the opportunity and released it. If it was yes, I was ALL IN (at least as best I could with taking on WAY more than any human really should). My intuition started to peak, my curiosity was insatiable, my friends and networks expanded TREMENDOUSLY to some seriously amazing people, my inspiration is CONSTANTLY flowing (seriously, I can hardly keep up), I began learning some really incredibly cool healing techniques, started working with clients, and my mind is constantly blown by the beauty surrounding me every day. It’s hard work. A LOT of hard work. But I’m completely in love with this life evolving around me.

Had I not followed that very first instinct to move myself out of my rut, I would never be here today. That’s a REALLY scary thought. Just that one moment on that one day… and then the next moment on the next day, and so on. A series of small moments has CHANGED MY LIFE and helped me learn SO much about myself. I’m capable of WAY more than I ever though. And in turn, all this has changed my family. Now my children do yoga with me, meditate with me, chant mantras with me, paint with me, carry crystals in their pockets, spray the house with color essences, and put aromatherapy oils in their bath!

I realize we are all different, with a multitude of life experiences behind us, and a compilation of a unique set of stardust. But I also know that none of us are here to suffer, to be stuck. We are all meant to live from happy, peaceful hearts. My mind, body, + spirit alchemy is a mix of all the different holistic healing techniques I’ve been studying to help bring your heart into harmony so you can shine your brightest light and find your true north. I’m here to help you help yourself. Maybe it’s just an art class, or a yoga class. Maybe it’s a month of working together following the moon cycles and incorporating flowers, crystals, reiki energy, yoga and more.

INSPIRATIONS: My children, color, water, nature, quiet moments,  other incredibly kind and gentle artists.

MAKES MY WORLD GO ‘ROUND: Shimmering bodies of water, glittery chandeliers, nag champa, sparkly crystals, bare feet on green grass, my loving husband, restorative yoga, yummy mochas, a great flowy maxi skirt, peaceful meditation, spreading light, sharing ideas, exploring new places, color…lots and lots of color, arty mornings with my children, and my soul sisters.

After growing up in southern Minnesota, and traveling the world, I’m now BASED IN MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA.